Las Cumbres SPA is a fresh and dried fruit export company from Chile founded in 2014. Since then it has significantly expanded in different areas and becoming one of the most well known quality dried fruit brands.

Our success has been based on a constant capability of following the requirements of international markets, bringing the right quality and service level to the overseas produce buyers, under an optimal cost efficient set up from the orchard to the shelf.

From the beginning, our purpose has only been one: to deliver to every person around the world and put on his or her table, fruit intact in flavor, nutritional properties and with the natural and unique quality of our land.

To achieve this, we protect the integrity of the fruit in each part of the process, certify our plants by internationally recognized quality and food safety standards such as HACCP and BRC, and constantly innovate, seeking the balance among technology, nature, and human touch.


Ambassador of Chile in China, Arturo Aranda and Enzo Piaggio.

Las Cumbres SPA was the first Chilean company to export plums in their natural condition to China. Las Cumbres had an active participation in the development of the phytosanitary agreement between Chile and China for this product, through the Chilean Association of Plum Producers, of which they are members and Enzo Piaggio is part of the Board of Directors.

In addition to fresh and dried fruits, Las Cumbres has also been dedicated to developing custom businesses in the areas of wine and seafood.

In all these years, Las Cumbres has exported different products, all of them related to food and beverages and to different countries such as: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mexico and Brazil.


ARTURO ARANDAIndustrial Civil Engineer, MBA from CEIBS Shanghai
Industrial Civil Engineer, MBA from CEIBS Shanghai with 15 years of experience doing business with China in different areas related to food. Marketing and finance experience. He worked in Shanghai for 13 years in charge of a commercial company first and then Chilean export companies.
ENZO PIAGGIOAgronomist Engineer
Agronomist Engineer, with more than 15 years of experience in foreign trade business in different markets in Latam and Asia, expert in certification procedures and production processes. Producer of export fruits on family farms. He worked as an export manager in salmon and fruit companies for 10 years.


Asia IBS is a leading quality inspection and project development company that partners with brands, stores and importers around the world to secure, manage and optimize their supply chain. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2008 and currently has three offices of its own and more than 120 employees of different nationalities.

In addition to the fact that our company is certified in ISO 9001/2008, we have more than 100 inspectors distributed throughout Asia, which allows us to be in any factory in a period of no more than 48 hours. All our inspectors receive training throughout the year and are managed by auditors who are responsible for meeting the highest international quality standards